Commerical Metal Roof Coatings Austin

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Horizon Construction elastomeric roof coatings enhance the life and increase the strength of all commercial roofs they are applied to. By their reflective components they will make your structure more energy efficient by reducing the transmission of heat into it. Additionally their water shed capabilities prevent damage to the interior that is all to common on older metal roofs.

For metal roof restoration in Austin and San Antonio we us Conklin metal roof coatings. All of our customers that have chosen Conklins metal roof restoration coatings on their commercial metal, built up, modified bitumen, and other roof types they have seen dramatic changes in how their roofs perform. On all roof types they have seen the elimination of leaks and rust to metal components. What is more, they are backed by reliable, non-prorated warranties that cover all labor and material costs for up to 18 years.

The Best Benefits of Metal Roof Coatings By Conklin

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  • Unmatched Waterproofing
  • Seamless Roof Protection Layer
  • Extended Life of Commercial Metal Roof
  • Virtual Elimination of Rust on Metal Roof
  • Fantastic on Old or New Metal Roofs
  • Monolithic Membrane Covering Seams
  • Repairs are Surprisingly Easy if Needed
  • Extremely Resilient to High Winds and Hail
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When our white roof coatings are applied to commercial metal roofs you will save money since the frequent local roof repairs will be virtually eliminated. When roof damage occurs from wind and hail storms occur elastomeric white roof coatings are the default choice. In reality Conklin Roofing Systems should be your default choice since they manufacture the best products in the market.

Metal Roof Restoration Alternatives

Total roof replacement causes businesses to close the doors to ensure the safety of their customers. For business owner, that causes an elimination of profits for the duration which reduces the profits you would have seen. If total roof replacement is not the problem localized metal roof repair jobs can be a good stopgap. However this is a short term solution for a long term problem.

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With Conklin there is a large product selection to use for eliminating of your metal roof problems. Their products for metal roof repair have been carefully engineered to tackle all your metal roofing problems and extend its life for years to come. They are a highly energy efficient solution that both simple and affordable alternative solution to restoring a commercial metal roofs.

Horizon Roofing went with Conklin because of the company’s track record and proven product performance. These are the reason woth considering when look at Conklin metal roof restoration job:

  • Your Roof Becomes EnergyStar Certified
  • Metal Roof Coatings Can Be Used As Tax Savings Since They Are Maintenance
  • No Total Roof Replacement Costs For Tear Off Debri Disposal
  • Conklins Warranty Claims are Less Than 0.5% in Occurance
  • Structural Integrity of Your Commercial Building is Increased
  • Rust on Metal Components Are Inhibited By Top Grade Properties

Why Choose White Elastomeric Metal Roof Coatings

Conklin elastomeric commercial roofing systems for Austin by Horizon Commercial Roofing. Call today for a free roof inspection

When Horizon Roofing applies metal roof elastomeric roof coatings, Conklin's Austin commercial roof contractor, what is left behind is a white roof surface. White Roofs have been verified by the US Environmental Protection Agency as “cool roof systems”. Instead of absorbing the sun’s hot rays, this cool roof sends these rays back to the sun. The result is a large amount of the sun’s heat is prevented from entering your builing. The result is your building stays cool which means you spend less on energy for staying cool.