Commercial Roof Types

Do you want to replace your building’s topside? The best commercial roof types to consider are those that meet your budget, energy use and weather protection needs. Here in Texas we get our share of storms, hail and sun, so you want the best protection possible. Let us replace your commercial surface affordably.

Are you looking for a commercial roofing contractor? You need someone who knows how to fix, replace or restore all roof types whether single-ply or multi-ply. You want an experienced contractor who uses science, not guesswork, to evaluate the problem. And you need someone who is professional and easy to work with. You have found that team here.

For more than 35 years, our Haag Certified Inspectors have been restoring all commercial roof types with sound, affordable solutions. It means our staff has been trained to the highest standards by a respected national organization. We find leaks using the latest technology for all roof types. Early intervention prevents minor problems from turning into expensive disasters.

Spray Foam Roofing Installation


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Foam roofing is a budget-friendly way to protect all roof types from leaks, solar heat, hail damage and storm damage. It is a great solution to a worn rooftop when a tear-off and roof replacement is not in the budget. Our team has decades of experience and certification to offer you advanced solutions to your commercial roofing problems.

  • Insulation from the sun’s energy
  • Water and wind protection
  • Noise reduction

All commercial foam roof types go on as a liquid and expand to many times their volume. Tiny cells that form in the plastic act as waterproof insulation, and its seamless protection prevents leaks. Hail and rain bounce right off. If it is punctured by accident or wind-driven debris, the damage stays localized. Maintenance is minimal.

Rubber Roofing


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There are several rubber roof types. One is a liquid that dries to a stretchy solid similar to latex paint but much stronger. This stretch is important for several reasons: It has no seams and it won’t crack, so it prevents leaks; normal building movement will not affect its strength; rubber roof types resist hail and other types of storm damage.

Another rubber roof type is a roll-out variety called EPDM. Ballasted, mechanically attached or self-sticking to the substrate, its seams are tightly welded. This makes an unbroken surface that will prevent leaks from storm activity.

All Commercial Roof Types Covered

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All of our restorative coatings can be placed over nearly all roof types.

Single-ply – PVC, EPDM, and TPO. The seams can come apart if they were not properly joined during installation. Some can also develop tiny cracks.

Multi-ply– Asphalt-and-gravel and BUR can age poorly with years of sun exposure. It’s common to see these roof types crack with temperature changes.

Foam and rubber roof types only need touch-ups every 10-15 years. They are an economical alternative to commercial roof replacement that involves a tear-off.

If you want to save energy, white or very light roof types can save you up to 70 percent on your HVAC bills. They reflect more than 80 percent of the sun’s heat energy back into the atmosphere. This keeps your cooling costs low and your occupants comfortable. It also reduces your carbon footprint.

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